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Plotting Time-Sensitive Prices

This video below demonstrates how to plot reference lines on multi-pane charts for various key time-sensitive prices including the previous session close, the current day session open, the overnight high and low, the opening range (OR), initial balance (IB) and several IB multiples.  These concepts can be used to plot a variety of similar time-sensitive prices on charts of any periodicity and any session.  The video covers various concepts including user variables, custom columns, custom indicators, and reference lines.  Important chart definitions associated with the video can be found below the video.

To Download and Import the Definitions above....click on the  link toopen up the definition in a browser window. Then select all the definition text (with Ctrl-A or Edit:Select All). Then copy the definition to your clipboard (with Ctrl-C or Edit:Copy). Then, in Investor/RT, choose "File: Import: Definition from Clipboard" from the main menu.  The chart and/or quotepage should appear.

NOTE: There is another video, for Market Profile users, that may be of interest....

Exporting Price Levels: This video demonstrates how to transfer Market Profile lines such as VAH, VAL, POC, etc, over to bar or candle charts, and have them automatically update on a tick by tick basis. [see also Q&A]

For more videos, including videos on Custom Columns and User Variables, visit www.linnsoft.com/videos