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How can I copy and paste indicators (including Button indicators) from one chart to another?


Chart Buttons do not lend themselves to the drag and drop feature that has long been used to copy indicators easily from one chart to another. This is because clicking on a button does not "select" the button as does a click on other indicators. For menu buttons, a click will popup a menu of user-specified choices; a click of a non-menu button will execute the button's purpose.

To address the need to easily copy a button from one chart to another Investor/RT 7.3 Rev 3 has a enhanced copy/paste facility. This is a general purpose facility, you can use standard copy/paste commands to copy and paste any single indicator from one chart window to another. When you "right-click" on a button, you will notice a new menu item "Copy this Button". When you choose this menu item, the button's definition will be copied to the "clipboard". You can then go to another chart window, right-click in a pane and choose "Paste".

You can even use this new facility to move buttons from one pane to another in the same chart. First you copy the button, then delete it from its original pane location (right-click on it and choose Delete...), then right-click in a different pane and choose Paste to add it there. If you have created a "Button Pane" at the top of the chart, however, all buttons added via the Add Button command will be added to that pane.

For other indicators, the Copy/Paste function works similarly. First you "select" an indicator by clicking on it, then use the Edit Menu's Copy command (shortcut Ctrl-C) to copy it, then activate another chart window and use the Edit Menu's Paste command (shortcut Ctrl-V) to paste the indicator into the chart. Various pop-up menus have been enhanced to add the Paste command. For example, you can right-click on any indicator and choose Copy from the indicator popup menu and you can right-click inside any chart and choose Paste from the Chart popup menu. Macintosh users will use Command-C and Command-V for copy/paste shortcuts, and Control-Click for right-clicking with a single-button mouse.

The Edit Menu's "Show Clipboard" command has been enhanced to show not only the "textual" content of the clipboard but also the indicator type and setup if there is an indicator on the clipboard.\
When an indicator (other than a button) is pasted into a chart, it is selected. This means you can immediately press the enter/return key to "edit" the indicator's settings, or press the Delete key to remove the indicator from the chart if you wish.