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I've noticed that when I assign a name to a scan like" Liquidity Check "it converts the space to an underscore, like "Liquidity_Check". However, this practice is not used for quotepages. What are the rules for assigning names to scans, quotepages, and other objects?


Quotepages, Charts, Scans, Signals, and Custom Indicators may have names up to 31 characters in length. Quotepage names may not begin with a period, since the period is used by IRT to denote built-in system-defined quotepages, e.g. .Stocks or .Intraday. There are no other restrictions on quotepage names. Charts and Quotepage names that begin with "Untitled" are treated in a special way. A chart or quotepage may indeed be saved with such a name. However, each time you attempt to save a quotepage or chart whose name begins with Untitled, IRT will give you an opportunity via a dialog box to provide a more meaningful name before saving.

Scans, Signals, and Custom Indicators (RTL objects) have more restrictive naming conventions. Spaces are not allowed, however, for your convenience, if you enter spaces when naming an RTL object they are converted to underscores in the resulting name. RTL objects may not have names that end with numeric digits, although numeric digits are permitted within the name. These restrictions trace back to the early days of the RTL languague when it was expected that scan names would be used directly within an RTL formula to refer to another scan. The "name" of the scan was originally designed to be used as the token in the language to refer to the scan. Thus since RTL tokens cannot contain spaces and tokens suffixed with numeric digits have special meaning in RTL, these restrictions were put in place to assure that the saved scan name could indeed be used as a token in the RTL languague.

Today when you want to reference a scan, signal or custom indicator in some RTL formula you add the SCAN token, the SIGNAL token, or the CI token to your token list, and you setup these tokens to refer to the particular scan, signal, or custom indicator name you wish. You can easily rename these token. Thus it turns out that the "names" of RTL objects are not used as tokens, instead shorter tokens such as SCAN_A or SCAN_B or CI_X.1 are used. Thus the naming restrictions are really not necessary and we may very well eliminate them in the future.