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How can I control whether or not the letter O is printed at the opening print/TPO of each bracket in Market Profile charts?


The letter O is reserved for the first TPO/print of each bracket (letter period).

The letter O will be printed if...

  • It is the first TPO/print of the first bracket of the profile.
  • It is the first TPO/print of any bracket of the profile if...
       - the brackets/letters are split into separate columns
       - the brackets are not split but the "letter color" is such that brackets can be distinguished by color.  Such "letter colors" include "Market Day", "Rainbow", and "Custom".

The logic behind this behavior stems from the fact that the opening letter O is only useful if the user is able to visually distinguish which bracket that O belongs to.  When all the letters are the same color, and the profile is not split into separate columns, users are unable to identify which bracket each O belongs to, thus actual letter that corresponds to that bracket is printed instead.  When brackets are split, or when brackets are painted with different colors, it's clear which bracket each TPO belongs to by the color or position, so an O can be printed for the opening print without any loss of information.

If a user would like to see the O's but is not using a letter color which provides for them, just shift-click on any profile to quickly split the letters into separate columns.  The O's when then become visible and apparent.  Shift-click the profile again to unsplit when done.