Key Resources for FuturesTrader71 Followers

Video and chart definitions are provided below for followers of FuturesTrader71 Twitter and/or Simplicity In Trading blog FuturesTrader71 does not provide a paid service. You can read the FuturesTrader71 blog or follow FuturesTrader71 on twitter. Below you will find helpful links along with chart definitions for some charts that FuturesTrader71 has created for Investor/RT.

FT71 Charts

FT71 Videos

FT71 Quick Start Guide

A complete guide to setting up FuturesTrader71 charts in Investor/RT. This video is highly recommended for any user who wishes to replicate FT71's charts in Investor/RT or apply his methods to other markets. The video covers the essential and minimal setup required and potential pitfalls and is...

What's New in Investor/RT with FuturesTrader71

In this webinar, Chad Payne demonstrates recent innovations in Investor/RT while FuturesTrader71 discusses ways to apply these innovations to his trading. Areas of innovation include Profile Indicator, Session Statistics, Price Bands, Zig Zag, Custom Quotepage Columns, Object Manager, and more....

FuturesTrader71 Chart Setup Webinar

(Oct. 2010) - This is a video of the October 2010 webinar with Chad L. Payne representing Linn Software and FT71 discussing FT71's charts, how to use them, adjusted data, and other related Q&A.

Webinar with FT71 - Highlighting 10.5 and 10.6

This is a video with FuturesTrader71 highlighting many of the new features in 10.5 and 10.6.

FT71 October Webinar Chart Changes - 2010

This video explains some minor changes/additions that Chad and FT71 made to the charts shortly following the October 2010 webinar.

Duplicating FT71 Charts

This video demonstrates how to duplicate FT71's composite and intraday charts and how to set them up properly for other symbols such as Crude Oil.

FT71 Composite Profile Details

This video is another follow-up to the webinar, which focuses primarily on the Composite Profile of FT71 and covers various issues which can result in discrepancies between users. Included in the discussion is how to setup symbols properly for continuous contracts, and how to adjust the data to...

FT71 - Changing Composite Start Date

This video demonstrates the changes that followers of FT71 need to make when he adjusts the start date of his composite charts.

FT71 QuoteBoard

This video/chart is used to help automated the overnight numbers (VPOC, High and Low), provide labels for all price levels, and to present the levels in a sorted QuoteBoard, in the FT71_ES_Intraday chart.

Webinar with FT71 - Highlighting Investor/RT Version 10 - 2012

This is a video of a 2012 webinar with FuturesTrader71 highlighting many of the new features in Investor/RT Version 10.5 and 10.6. Note that the menu system of Investor/RT has been considerably simplied in Investor/RT Version 11 after this legacy video was produced.

FT71 Chart Setup Webinar - 2009

This video is a recording of the chart setup webinar done with FuturesTraders71 from December, 2009.

FuturesTrader71 Webinar Summary and Answers

This video is a follow-up to the webinar, with a brief summary of each chart, instruction on how to import those charts, and answers to questions that resulted from the webinar.

Chart Definitions