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This page is for followers of FuturesTrader71 (Twitter and/or "Simplicity In Trading" blog).  He does not provide a paid service, you can read his blog or follow him on twitter for free.  Information is available below to assist you in importing/recreating his charts easily within Investor/RT.  Below you will find helpful links along with chart definitions for some charts that FuturesTrader71 has created for Investor/RT.
Blog:  www.futurestrader71.com
Twitter:  futurestrader71
Email:  futurestrader71@gmail.com


 Key Resources
for FuturesTrader71 Followers
and Investor/RT Users

The webinar videos below have now been largely superseded by the more recent one above.  However, they will be left online as they do provide some valuable information.  Nonetheless, defer to the video above.

Getting Started Videoo - This video will walk you through getting started with Investor/RT, from choosing a data feed, to ordering and activating your license, to starting the data feed and setting up charts.

Question: My profile is now not lining up with what I'm seeing from others (FuturesTrader71).  How can I resolve this? Answer 
Question: How do I add micro-composite profiles to my chart? Answer 
Question: Can you explain the text printed above and below the dotted rectangle around the Profile Indicator?  What is the Imbalance Factor (ImF)? Answer 
Question: My Profile Indicator is not displaying a volume bar at every price increment.  What could the problem be? Answer 
Question: How can I transfer my composite profile from my FT71 composite chart to my FT71 Intraday chart? Answer 
Question: How can I duplicate my FT71 charts for other symbols such as Crude? Answer 

Helpful Links

I have made installers geared towards futures trades and customized for 5 different feeds (IB, DTN IQFeed, TransAct/Infinity, Zen-Fire and eSignal).  These installers can be found here.  These have the futures symbols and some charts already setup for you, and will save you a lot of setup time.  You MUST send in a signed CME Agreement before we can activate your Market Profile charts (the Profile Indicator requires MP activation).  Please click here to do so.

Interactive Brokers, TransAct/Infinity, and Zen-Fire Users
I would strongly suggest that you elect to sign up for the $15/month DTNMA option, which gives you very complete/robust downloading/backfill capability.  With DTNMA, all your requests for downloads/backfill will automatically get routed to DTNMA, which gives you more data, quicker downloads, and complete tick data (not just snapshots).  However, if you elect not to use the DTNMA, you do still have historical backfill capability from your brokerage feed (although limited).  And if you decide at some future point that brokerage feed's backfill is not sufficient for your needs, you can always upgrade to DTNMA at any time.  You can read more about DTNMA here.

Getting Support
Please direct all questions to our support e-mail address: support@linnsoft.com. Support e-mail is typically answered in 30 minutes or less during business hours. This is our principle means of providing product related assistance to our customers.

Importing Charts and Layouts
To import the charts or layouts below into Investor/RT, follow these steps (Note, you must be viewing web page from same computer as Investor/RT): (video)

  1. Click on the links below for each chart or layout (a page of random text will appear)
  2. From the browser menu, choose "Edit: Select All" (or Ctrl-A) to select all text on the page.
  3. From the browser menu, choose "Edit: Copy" (or Ctrl-C) to copy that text to your clipboard.
  4. Switch over to Investor/RT, and choose "File: Import: Definition From Clipboard" from the menu, and the chart or layout should appear.

If you're still having problems importing charts, this video might help.


NOTE change the symbol after import.  Just type in the correct symbol for you feed when asked.  After importing the chart(s), you can change the symbol in the chart by just clicking on the chart and then typing in the new symbol.

  • The definitions, images, and descriptions of the 4 FuturesTrader71 charts created in the webinar can be found heree.

Videos and More Helpful Links - The videos and helpful links below will be of special interest to those following FuturesTrader17 and his charts.

  • Profile Indicator Videos - The Profile Indicator is used to accomplish FT71's daily volume profiles and composite profiles.
  • Where's My Data - If you've imported one of FT71's charts but don't have any data, this link will help.
  • Adjusting Data For Rollover - This Q&A discusses how to remove the calendar-spread gap created at rollover.
  • Session Statistics - The Session Statistics indicator is used to accomplish many of FT71's time-sensitive lines such as IB high, IB low, previous day's close, etc.
  • Multi-Pane Chart Overview - This video provides everything you need to know about creating an manipulating the multi-pane charts that FT71's charts are produced as.
  • All Videos - This link will take you to a page that contains all the Investor/RT videos.  Look through these videos and watch those of interest to you as time permits.