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Support Resource Center

You have several options available to you for accessing help on using Investor/RT.  Our goal is to assist all of our customers by providing a variety of automated help options.  Listed below are a number of ways you can get help from Linn Software or from other Investor/RT users.

Email  support@linnsoft.com   Knowledgeable Investor/RT engineers/developers answer emails in a timely fashion to give you prompt and informed responses to your questions.

Instructional Video Library  The video library is a valuable resource for both new and advanced users.  Watch as various aspects of the software are demonstrated within your web browser.

Q & A  Find answers to frequently asked questions in the Investor/RT Q & A section of our web site.

Twitter  Follow Investor/RT on Twitter Linn Software will provide updates (tweets) regarding Investor/RT including new features, new releases, and new videos.

Tutorials  We have provided several tutorials on our web site for performing tasks in Investor/RT from 'Tracking the S&P 500 Futures Intraday' to 'Creating a New Chart'.

Investor/RT Tour  Take a quick tour of Investor/RT.   The Tour provides screenshots of many windows, charts, and toolbars, in Investor/RT along with descriptions of the functionality of each.

Built-In Help (F1)  Investor/RT has a comprehensive built-in help system which can be accessed by simply clicking the F1 key.  The help topic that appears is sensitive to the type of window you have open inside Investor/RT.  You may also choose for F1 to get help from the web.

Discussion List  You may want to submit your questions or opinions to our discussion list.  This is a free email-based forum for the Investor/RT community.  Feel free to share your insight or request information from experienced Investor/RT users.

Documentation Visit our Documentation page to download a copy of the Investor/RT Getting Started Guide and the Investor/RT User's Guide.

Toolbars and Popup Menus  You will discover a great deal by exploring the options available to you in Investor/RT from toolbars and popup menus.  Many windows in Investor/RT, such as charts and quotepages, have toolbars which give you access to the functionality associated with that window.  Also, if you right-click (cmd-click on Mac) inside windows, you will often see a context-sensitive pop-up menu of available options.

Upgrades  Ensure that you are using the latest version of our software by visiting the Upgrade Center. If you are using an older version of our product, a quick and easy upgrade may be your answer.

support@linnsoft.com The Internet has become the preferred method of communication and support for us at Linn Software. Registered Linn Software customers receive unlimited email support. If you have already checked the online help and the User's Guide, and you still haven't found your answer, we are prepared to provide you with a prompt, personal, detailed, electronic response. Email your support questions to support@linnsoft.com. We will reply as quickly as possible on a first come, first serve basis.

What's New See what's developed in the latest releases of our software.  You can see the history of the development of Investor/RT by reading through these lists of new features.  Click here to see what's new in our latest release.