Color Marker Indicator

This indicator provides a flexible, colorful, compact method for displaying signal markers on charts. The signals can be based on the results of either Scans, Trading Signals, or Custom Indicators. For Scans and Trading Signal, color options are given for both TRUE and FALSE results. For Custom Indicators, color options are given for three different user specified price ranges. Four shape options are currently available, including rectangle, oval, up arrow, and down arrow. The color marker for each bar has the same width as the bar. The height and position in the window is user customizable. The markers can be offset any distance from the top of bottom of the window pane, or it can be drawn the full length of the pane. If the marker is offset from the top or bottom, it can also be given a user-specified height. Height and offset options can be specified in three units: pixels, % of bar width, or % of window pane height. Color Markers can be dragged between window panes, maintaining their relative position in the pane. Markers can also be adjusted using the keyboard. To move the markers up or down, select the marker by clicking on it, and then use the up and down arrow keys on your keyboard. To adjust the height of the markers, hold down the shift key while hitting the up and down arrow keys on your keyboard. These shortcut keys make it much easier to tweak your markers to the correct height and positioning. Color Markers give the user the ability to place multiple signal markers into a small amount of space. The markers can be stacked at the top or bottom of the instruments window pane, can be stacked in their own window pane, or can each have it's own pane. To stack several markers on top of one another, you would just add them in succession, increasing the offset each time. For instance, you may choose a height of 8 pixels. You could then add your first marker at an offset of 0 pixels from the top. Your next marker would then be added at an offset of 8 pixels from the top, the third at an offset of 16 from the top. This would stack 3 markers on the top of the window pane, each with a height of 8 pixels. You can add as many markers to each window pane as you wish, or you may choose to add only one marker per window pane that is relevant only to the indicator in that pane.



Above is a 5-Minute Chart of Real Networks (RNWK). The Color Marker is added 7 different times. Three times as solid ovals at the top of the upper pane, once as an up arrow at the bottom of the upper pane, and 3 times as rectangles in the lower pane. Below are the settings top marker (rectangle) in the bottom pane. The Preferences


  • Scan/Signal -If you choose to use Scans or Signals, the listbox below will populate with all the available scans/signals that are available in your system. The syntax of the chosen Scan/Signal will display below the listbox. The results of Scans/Signals with either be TRUE or FALSE. You will be presented with two colors for these two results.

  • Custom Indicator -If you choose to use a custom indicator, the listbox below will populate with all the available custom indicators that are available in your system. The syntax of the chosen custom indicator will display below the listbox. The results of custom indicator will be numeric. You will be given three color options for three different result ranges.

  • Edit -You may click this button to edit the Scan/Signal/Custom Indicator that is indicator in the list to the left.

  • Position - You have three choices for the position of the marker: Top to Bottom, Offset from Top, or Offset from Bottom. Top to Bottom will draw your marker then entire height of the window pane it's in. Offset from top will draw the marker a certain offset from the top of the pane, based on the offset and height you specify.

  • Offset From -This dictates how far from the top or bottom of your chart that your marker will be drawn. You have three options for the units you can specify: Pixels, % of Width, % of Pane. Pixels gives you a constant distance in pixels. The other two options are dynamic and related on the size of other items. % of Width represents the % of the width of the bar. Since the width of the marker is always the same as the width of the bar, you could specify 100 % of width to keep the height and width constant. % of pane represents the % of the height of the pane. You could put 10 markers in a pane, each starting 10% further down the pane than the last, and each with a height of 10%.

  • Height -This dictates the vertical height of your marker. The available units are the same as those discussed above for offset.

  • Color Last ___ Bars -Here, you can choose how many bars you would like your color markers drawn on. For instance, if you specify 100, it will draw markers on your last 100 bars (most recent bars).

  • Shape -There are four available marker shapes, including Rectangle, Oval, Up Arrow, and Down Arrow.

  • Hollow -The shape is solid by default, but will be drawn hollow if this options is checked.

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