DTN Market Access (DTN MA)

DTN Market Access is an historical data service available as an add-on to any Investor/RT Subscription. DTN MA is strongly recommended for all Investor/RT clients using Broker provided real-time data, as it is essential for backfilling charts.

Please note that DTN's real-time streaming data service, IQFeed, already provides this same historical data.

Investor/RT users who use a brokerage feed to supply data to IRT have often found that the historical back fill provided from their brokerage feed is unreliable, incomplete, or insufficient. These feeds include Interactive Brokers, TransAct/Infinity, and Rithmic/Zenfire or users of MarketDelta Trader. Interactive Brokers users should read the article located here to learn more about how IB's data differs from true tick data.

Regardless of the reason, these users have a fast, reliable, and comprehensive back fill alternative with DTN Market Access Historical Service (DTNMA). When your license includes DTNMA, all historical back fill requests will be routed to DTN historical servers instead of your broker. Your real time data still comes from your broker. Almost 90% of our brokerage feed clients have decided to use DTNMA to back fill their charts. That is a pretty good indication of its value.

DTNMA is reasonably priced at $15.00/month and is supported by Investor/RT. You will find the option to turn on DTNMA by opening Investor/RT and going to File->License->Revise License.

DTN Market Access (DTN MA)

A symbol alias is a way to communicate to Investor/RT that you get your data from two different places. If you are getting real time data from your brokerage and historical data from DTNMA, you will need to set up an alias for each symbol you are tracking. To set up an alias, go Setup>Instruments (or click Ctrl A). Enter your brokers symbol in the Instrument field and the DTN MA symbol in the alias field as shown below. For a complete list of all symbols, see Symbol Guide